Where the freedom of new forays is frustrated only by the task of finding them, Silver Sparkle believes in connecting those looking to begin their next chapter with everything they need to do so.

Silver Sparkle Ltd. is a privately-owned, Berkshire-based startup committed to discovering and sharing the best opportunities open to those at a stage in their lives with the time to enjoy them.

Our initial focus is on lifelong learning and, through our bespoke online platform, we research, filter and review a wide range of activities that can contribute to The Encore Crowd leading more active, fulfilling and enjoyable lives.


“We want to make a small but meaningful difference in the lives of people with the freedom and time to explore new areas of interest. We refer to these people collectively as “The Encore Crowd”: they are a diverse range of individuals who share a common desire to pursue new opportunities. Each decision is a personal one, and it is our aim to support, encourage and inspire these decisions.”



Meet the team making a small but meaningful difference in the lives of those with the time to try something new.

Silver Sparkle Team – Simon

Simon Walker

Founder and CEO Simon is relishing the new opportunities opening up in his fifties. Whether it’s history festivals in his wellies, sushi-cooking in his natty apron or playing golf and tennis in a variety of garb, he’s always up for a mind-broadening stylish challenge.

Olivia Heywood – Silver Sparkle Team

Olivia Heywood

After 30 years in marketing and advertising, Olivia loves to learn new things: she was busy looking for courses before even joining the Silver Sparkle team. Outside of work, she is a late-comer to horse riding and is intending to compete more seriously now she has more time in her mid-fifties.
Silver Sparkle Team – Saskia

Saskia Walker

Silver Sparkle’s resident discoverer, Saskia unearths exciting learning experiences to share with Encorum’s audience. When she’s not exploring the web and leafing through brochures, you’ll find her dreaming of her next far-flung adventure and reading under the covers – way past bedtime.

Silver Sparkle Team – Fonny Lane

Fonny Lane

Fonny is our media luvvie: following more than 20 years in TV production, during which she waded through leech-infested jungle to film orangutans, directed cookery shoots and interviewed best-selling authors, there’s little that phases her in her quest to highlight the most fabulous courses on offer.

Silver Sparkle Team – Chris

Chris Rowlands

Content whizz, titan of tech and master of the snappy snippet, Chris was a key member of the Silver Sparkle launch team, deploying his punchy prose and digital wizardry to help bring Encorum to market. He now provides consulting support whilst pursuing a career in journalism.


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