Encorum launched by Silver Sparkle Ltd.

Newbury-based startup Silver Sparkle Ltd. has launched its brand new platform, Encorum, bringing the best opportunities from a world of lifelong learning to the fore.

Encorum searches out, identifies and reviews the best courses, events and learning experiences, especially for those later in life and looking to learn.

Established in 2016, Encorum, and its tiny team of less-than-10, is on a growing mission to spread the word about the world of lifelong learning and to inspire those interested to dip their toes into this pool of opportunity.Encorum Homepage

Grown out of the passion and prescience of founder and CEO Simon Walker, a former banker turned advocate of all things learning, the proud Brit is positive about what Encorum can do: “We want to make a small but meaningful difference in the lives of people with the freedom and time to explore new areas of interest.”

Through our bespoke online platform,” continues Walker, “we research, filter and review a wide range of activities that can contribute to these people leading more active, fulfilling and enjoyable lives.”

So what is it that makes Encorum different and, indeed, worthwhile? “We search out, choose and review only those providers who excel at what they do. We identify the courses, talks and tours in the fields most interesting to our members and we feature and constantly update the best courses and events available in order to share with our members what will mean most to them.”

So, what’s next for Encorum? “Initially, we’re focussing on Arts & Crafts, Cookery, History, History of Art, Languages, Literature & Creative Writing, and Music, as these were the most popular with those we surveyed – but we have every intention of expanding our coverage as our membership base grows, working closely with providers to develop relationships which will bring the best content, discounts and opportunities to our members.”

Want to know more about Encorum and its mission to bring further learning to the fore? Contact Simon Walker directly via simon.walker@silver-sparkle.com, or download the Encorum Press Release.

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